Feelings Exposed

“Feelings Exposed” is a solo live video performance that was presented at CultureHub in NYC. This project was made during a class at ITP called “Live Image Processing and Performance” which used Max/MSP/Jitter to study various ways of manipulating visual media (video, still imagery, live camera feeds) in integration with various interactive elements (sound, physical interfaces, sensors) in order to create dynamic and replicable performance systems.

Students were assigned a short solo performance based on the ideas of video collage, remix, and expanded cinema.

My solo performance “Feelings Exposed”, tells the story of a hacker uncovering the life of a young girl. By violating her privacy, the hacker discovers what lies underneath the beautiful face of the young girl; He uncovers that she is a workaholic who leaves away from home and is trapped between anxiety and depression. This piece explores the masks we wear in life, hiding true feelings or intentions, slipping in and out of being authentic – to ourselves and others.

The performance was all controlled through a mobile app using TouchOSC and all sounds, windows and video effects where manipulated live.

Made with:

  • Max/MSP/Jitter
  • TouchOSC
  • C++