The Line

“The Line” is a 15-20 minute interactive story about love and the fear of change. This room-scale experience allows you to unlock an enchanted world-diorama of two miniature dolls, Pedro and Rosa. The experience  invites you to pull on knobs and even crawl under the machinery to unfold the story of these figurines who are perfect for each other but reluctant to live out their love. Narrated by Rodrigo Santoro (Westworld) and directed by Ricardo Laganaro, “The Line” was awarded the “Best VR Immersive Experience” prize at the 76th Venice International Film Festival.

The Line is a VR film that I developed as a narrative designer for the proof of concept and eventually became the creative producer for the project which I developed with Arvore Immersive over 8 months.

As the design team was from Arvore Immersive which is based in São Paulo, putting Brazil in the VR space was a unique approach. However, setting the storyline is such a scene has paved the way for a more universal distribution of The Line, appealing to various cultures and countries.

As Ricardo Laganaro commented “‘The Line’ is both a native and a global narrative. It is a gratifying opportunity to bring new references, colors, textures, and sounds, beyond the Northern Hemisphere influence, into an immersive narrative.”

The story tells of a distance love affair between two characters and allows the user to enjoy the experience without the stress of VR teleportation or other common joystick complications. Instead, the user is taken into the story and is free to look around in “real time” with the narration.

The universality of The Line’s story is proving that user friendly VR goes beyond the hardware. This VR film is a stepping stone for how immersive experiences will evolve.


“The Top 50 XR Experiences Of 2019”

“It’s a narrative all will understand, executed with magnificent artistry.”
Cool Hunting

“Magical’ is the perfect word to describe A LINHA.”
XR Must



  • Biennale Cinema 2019 | Venice Virtual Reality
    “Best VR Immersive Experience for Interactive Content”
  • Kaohsiung Film Festival
    “Phalanity Best VR Immersive Award”
  • VR Days
    “Halo awards” (Silver)
  • Kaboom
    “Fan Favorite”
  • Pixel Show
    “Best Storytelling Award & Innovation and Creativity Award”
  • Festivals – Official Selection
    Biennale Cinema (Italy, August 2019)
    Kaohsiung Film Festival (Taiwan, October 2019)
    Raindance Film Festival (UK, September 2019)
    VR Days Europe (Netherlands, November 2019)
    GIFF (Switzerland, November 2019)
    Kaboom Animation Festival (Netherlands, November 2019)
    Mostra de São Paulo (Brazil, October 2019)
    Hyper Festival (Brazil, November 2019)
    GIFF VR Lounge Korea (South Korea, November 2019)
    Pixel Show (Brazil, December 2019)
    IFFR (Rotterdam, January 2020)
    Tribeca Film Festival (New York, 2020)