Capturing Time

“Capturing time” is a projection mapping installation that was showcased on NYC’s High Line. The installation explores the concept of time and space in the digital era. The mapping was developed using Isadora and the video filters were made using after effects.


Time is all around us, displayed on our phones and computers. Today, almost nobody needs to own a watch or a clock to tell the time.

Time is just a number. But is it an illusion?

We can all be on the same space, experiencing the same things but perceive time in different ways. We can be in different spaces and different time zones and live in the now but someone else in the world can be living in tomorrow.

And who are we in that time and space? Are we just the sum of our past or do we change every second? Is time perceived differently in the physical versus digital space?

More About the Piece

We used a lot of cyclical images that symbolized the visual measurement of time and the texture of the painted images helped give a sense of the importance of presence and what we are missing when we are constantly stuck in our screens.  Finally, moments like the grains of sand leading to the dunes showed a more human or individual approach of the passage of time.

Created by: Alexia Kyriakopoulos, Seyoung Kim and Jina Jung

Made With:

  • Isadora
  • After Effects