“Contrasts” was a one-week final project made for a class called “Magic Windows and Mixed-Up Realities” at ITP. I have always found fascinating the idea of being in two places at once or teleporting into another space in time and New York’s daily struggles has made me think about this concept in a greater extent. Therefore, I decided to experiment with creating portals in AR and play with the idea of contrasting spaces in New York City as a “sarcastic” commentary to the city’s everyday endeavors.

My first portal was based on the idea that New Yorkers constantly complain about how cold the city gets. Therefore I decided to create an AR portal that transfers you to a beach in Hawaii.

For my second portal, I started thinking about things that are being said about different feelings that certain environments trigger like the NYC subway. The NYC subway is one of the most chaotic, stressful and most surreal environments you can find yourself into. When I am riding the subway I crave for an escape to a peaceful and beautiful environment. That’s why I decided to create an AR portal to another world inside an existing hectic space where everything is so calm and serene; somewhere where you could take a moment, take a step back and breathe a little.